Prophet David Owuor Bishops stealing tithes for slay queens exposed

Prophet David Owuor

Prophet David Owuor church is rocked on another unprecedented scandal after Bishop named in a list of shame sleeping with their followers funding them with their projects with church tithes and offerings.

A flowed memo by a concerned faithful has revealed some of the nasty stuff that is occurring at Prophet David Owuor’s Repentance and Holiness Church.

Although Prophet Owuour and his priests pose to be righteous men of God, they are gluttons in sheep’s skin.

The names of the Priest leaked included 7 bishops. They have been involved in robbing tithes and offerings and sleeping with female congregants.

The starved bishops pay rent for the female congregants, spent nights and even weeks using tithes and offerings that they withdraw from the church illegally.

Prophet David Owuor list of Bishops

Bishop Caleb, Bishop Masinde, Bishop Thomas, Bishop Magati, Bishop Wanyonyi are amongst the top hungry bishops implicated of chewing female followers and spending tithes and offerings.

Prophet David Owuor

It is not the first time that Owuor’s controversial church has been on the red map in terms of scandals.

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