Adorable Socialite Sakilla names Ringtone in her latest list of celebrities she swept

Adorable Socialite Sakilla ringtone 1 Adorable Socialite Sakilla

Adorable Socialite Sakilla added Ringtone in her latest list of celebrities she slept with. Ringtone threatened her but could not bear the intimidation.

Forthcoming socialite Shakilla named Ringtone as one of the celebrities that she has slept with from her long list.

Adorable Socialite Sakilla

After the young socialite named the questionable singer in the ranting chat, he went on a mad and blamed Xtian Dela of training the young lady to paint lies and destroy the image of celebrities.

Adorable Socialite Sakilla

But Shakilla has fired back and gave evidence that Ringtone slid into her DM and asked her for a date.

Adorable Socialite Sakilla

Shakilla further warned to release messages and call logs to prove that she met Ringtone and slept with him.

This is what the uncertain teen socialite posted after Ringtone started frightening her.

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