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Leandra Gonzalez officially divorce rapper Fetty Wap for quiet playful cheating

Leandra Gonzalez officially fetty Leandra Gonzalez officially

Leandra Gonzalez officially divorce rapper Fetty Wap for quiet playful cheating.

Fetty Wap will have have to think of his life in the single path during a pandemic as the rapper officially divorced.

Fetty Wap and Leandra Gonzalez accepted a divorce settlement and the judge signed off on it on September 4 to make it official legal documents show.

Leandra Gonzalez officially

Fetty Wap and Leandra got espoused on August 3, 2019. The troubled marriage just lasted a little over a year.

Leandra Gonzalez officially

They had no kids and the terms of their agreement are under covers.

Leandra, who filed for divorce in March, claimed in legal papers that Fetty was a violent and brutal cheater.

Leandra Gonzalez officially

She alleged the rapper was too physically abusive in just less than a month after getting married in Toronto.

She also testified that Fetty cheated on her numerously with several women, sometimes, including going on a trip to the Bahamas on New Year’s Eve with another woman. Fetty dismissed all of the accusations.

Leandra Gonzalez officially

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