Cardi B lost hope with her longtime cheating dear Offset

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Cardi B lost hope with her longtime cheating dear Offset

Cardi B allegedly to have filed for divorce after she learned Offset had been unfaithful in multiple times again.

However, WAP didn’t backfire. Things changed on the side of Offset and was caught pants down.

Cardi B lost

Offset was on the timeline pretending to be hacked when he got caught up and she’s now leaving him.

And the nigga is contesting the divorce. However, Cardi B now wants the children custody. 

She filed to have the children under her care due to violent nature of Offset.

Her fans protested on the matter.

” Cardi is the one who filed for a divorce and of course misogynistic men and their Pick Me disciples are using this as a gotcha “what was that about having WAP” moment,” a fan posted.

“Like, y’all hate women that much to try and flip a woman divorcing her husband into it being HER fault?” angered fan paused.

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