Kenyan local tourists compare, get agitated on high hotel rates to best-selling hotels abroad

Kenyan local tourists
Kenyan local tourists

Kenyan local tourists compare, and get agitated about high hotel rates to best-selling hotels abroad. The Price in countries like Germany, Spain and France is cheaper.

A hotel in Kenya for seven days costs an inclusive trip from Kenya to Spain and back plus seven days in Mallorca.

During the opening up of countries after the virus pandemic, Kenya is considered the most expensive country in hospitality.

Some have been comparing Kenya to other countries in terms of rating and costs, but accommodation prices during the pandemic are higher than in any other country in Africa and Europe.

Spain has been getting tourists more than Kenya due to low rates. Some people in Kenya have been contemplating moving to Spain for a holiday rather than doing local tourism.

Egypt is another country with lower rates. Ethiopia and Rwanda are considered alternatives to Kenya due to cost.

Kenyan local tourists

” Why are Kenyan beach hotels still charging exorbitant rates even during this COVID-19 pandemic period? I was doing a search on a nice spot in Diani to surprise my mother during her upcoming birthday and all I see are rates close to $1000 for one person, ” a local tourist from Nakuru narrated.

“When I looked at what a beach hotel charged in Mallorca, Spain for two people, it is very cheap. I wished she had a Schengen visa. It’s cheaper to vacation as a tourist in Spain than in Kenya, ” the tourist said.

“If anyone knows a package deal with flight and accommodation for a 60-year-old with a teenager please let me know, ” a local tourist contemplating to tour abroad.

“I meet very many travellers who tell me that Kenya is very expensive and it is true. A hotel for 50 euros in Germany is a very good and clean room. In Kenya, you might only find for that price a room on Kirinyaga Road, ” Jack Kariuki a tour expert said.

“Customers don’t want anything cheap, but they expect a Price-performance ratio. There is no explanation of why a hotel in Nairobi can be more expensive than a similar hotel in Europe,” he added.

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