Nadia Mukami tie knot with her lifetime love in a memorable secret wedding -2 PHOTO ALBUMS

Nadia Mukami tie knot Nadia Mukami tie knot

Nadia Mukami tie knot with her lifetime love in a memorable secret wedding.

Si Rahisi hit-maker Nadia Mukami has retained being in a relationship as a puzzle for a while.

She had not declared even her wedding day. Nadia now clears the atmosphere as she is now officially espoused.

She adds that she was thrilled and delighted because she has wedded the man of her dreams with prior entanglements.

Nadia Mukami tie knot

She said that she will provide for him, shower and forever cherish him.

Nadia Mukami tie knot

From the context, it seems like the merit and her magic man ordained their relationship at the AG’s office, zero crowds and just the two of them and the cameras.

The couple had cached their affiliation secret for a long, exhibiting they knew each for long.

The Couple engaged last year and after several months they determined to expose it.

” Relishing my honeymoon at Pride inn Hotel. They have a hot and warm swimming pool so don’t be frightened of the cold climate and for us asthmatic people, the cold weather has zilch on us, it is done for us all ” she posted.


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