Sheila Sheldon Charles paints amazing DP William Ruto portrait, warms Kenyans hearts

Sheila Sheldon Charles paints amazing DP William Ruto

Sheila Sheldon Charles paints amazing DP William Ruto portrait, warms Kenyans hearts after doing the same to Uganda President Yoweri Museveni in 2018.

Growing up in Mombasa, Sheila Sheldon Charles, a class five pupil has done a tremendous drawing. She drew the Deputy President of Kenya William Ruto. 

Her mother Sergeant Vivian Otieno from the Kenya Police Service has been supporting in her artistic talent. 

Sheila Sheldon Charles paints

She is a young talented girl. She is a singer, a great painter, a model, an actress, a designer and also a poet. At the age of 11years, she knows her talent and she does all these. So @SheilahSheldone has decided to make art for Deputy President William Ruto.

She is a Class Five pupil in one of the Mombasa academies, Light International School, has had an opportunity to grace the BBC and Fox40 TV studios.

“Art is a human act. Art is Risky. Generous. Courageous. Provocative. You can be perfect, or you can make art. You can keep track of what you will get in return for your effort, or you can make art,” a follower posted.

Sheila Sheldon Charles paints holds the Tese Foundation Youngest Lioness Award and on January 7, she won the Global Child Prodigy Award while representing Kenya.

Sheilah doesn’t know where her skills come from, but she works to make sure she passes along her expertise to the next generation. She teaches art to other students in her hometown of Mombasa

Art connects us to the foreign, the exotic and the impossible but in the current context, it also connects people to a world where anything is possible. A world out of peoples’ grasp for now.

Activities like painting, sculpting, drawing, and photography are relaxing and rewarding hobbies that can lower stress level and leave persons’ feeling mentally clear and calm.


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