R Kelly accused of lying, Moneygrubbing and bribery on his teen sex-tapes -2020

R Kelly accused of lying

R Kelly accused of lying and threatening witnesses then bribe on his sex-videotapes witnesses.

United States prosecutors are taking it hard on Rapper R. Kelly accusing the singer of lying about his financial capacity.

According to court documents, prosecutors responded to Kellys’ new claim that they went on a “harassing fishing expedition” with subpoenas they fired off to his bank.

Last month, Kelly told the court that he gave evidence they were planning on using in the case.

However, he added that the prosecutors provided him with his bank records they obtained through subpoenas. He accuses them using extra powers and getting their hands on financial records they had no right.

In newly filed documents, the prosecutors say they obtained his bank records for one simple reason.

R Kelly accused of lying

The motion states, “for 20 years, Kelly paid money to others, including Minor 1, Minor 1’s family, McDavid, and Individuals B, C, and D, in exchange for them to lie about Kelly’s sexual abuse of minors or their efforts to collect and conceal child pornography involving Kelly’s abuse of minors.”

“Kelly made many of these payments through an attorney. During its investigation, the Government issued subpoenas to banks for accounts from which these payments were made and for accounts that received these payments, collecting evidence proving who was paid and that Kelly or his businesses were the sources of the payments.”

Prosecutors say Kelly had a history of bribing victims and witnesses. They say the bank records show Kelly paid $125,000 to one individual for “recovering and returning videotapes showing Kelly sexually abusing a minor.”

“These records also help prove that defendant controls a nominee bank account that received at least $1.2 million last year despite claiming to this Court that he “has no money.” They are asking the court to adjourn Kelly’s motion.

The three men, Richard Arline Jr., Donnell Russell, and Michael Williams, were unsealed this week in Federal court.

Arline is accused of scheming and paying $500,000 to a victim. He planned to pay off the woman to stop her from talking to prosecutors.

Arline told others he had been in contact with Kelly while he was in prison. Russell allegedly harassed an alleged victim after she brought a civil lawsuit against Kelly. Williams is charged for setting fire to a car owned by Kelly’s ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary.

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