Stop zooming my stretch marks -Akothee 254

Stop zooming

Stop zooming my stretch marks. A popular Kenyan star Akothee tells her critics over body shaming.

Top Kenyan artist and CEO of single mothers Akothee blasts her knockers for body shaming.

She left fans wagging after posting on her Instagram page about body shaming that has been taking centre stage in her life.

Stop zooming

” Take a selfie, ” she said.”

Stop bothering others. None is better before God. We are all equal, ” she added.

The revelations come after she shared about her butt growing. She could not take it anymore.” Please don’t waste your time comparing me with anyone, or someone else ? , I am the original version of myself, most people die photocopy, ” she posted.

” Why are you worried about what people will say, do you know they are already saying it? ” she said.

“If anyone tells you they have some secrets about you, tell them it’s okay, since you know it it’s not a secret anymore, and as soon as you are ready to release it, please don’t alert me, do it so you are free from carrying my baggage, ” she added.

“And that’s how I stopped sharing confidential information, what am I saying is, do I even have secrets. So anything I tell you, just know it’s already out there, “

” I am living a life free of Sabotage, how I wish most women emulated my way of living, I love my free spirit, ” she added.

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