Angela Simmons golfing Mind-blowing, Iron-clad video fans react off-limits

Angela Simmons golfing

Angela Simmons golfing Mind-blowing, Iron-clad video fans react off-limits.

Angela Simmons golfing with weird short skirt terrorizing participants.

The “Growing Up Hip Hop” star paraded her chic golf outfit and horrible swing on Tuesday.

Angela Simmons was the best-dressed person on the links thanks to her pastel-colored miniskirt, white polo, and matching visor.

She appeared to be excited about the fashion opportunities golf provides, as well as the encouragement that she can only get better.

Regardless of her skill, she was really happy to be outside on the course with her friend.

On the video, she is focusing too much on club take-away and not enough on limiting her head movement but she was able to capture a semi-good shot.

Angela Simmons golfing video

“That did something!” her friend exclaimed after she finished her follow-through.

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