Lamborghini unveils 1st new car illegal to drive on public roads

Lamborghini 9 1 Lamborghini unveils

The new supercar from Lamborghini is called the Essenza SCV12, and its owners won’t be able to drive it on public roads.

That’s why, if you buy one, Lamborghini recommends you let the company keep it for you in a special garage at the company’s headquarters in Italy.

Owners will have access to a secret webcam feed so they can look at the car whenever they want.

If they want to drive the car, Lamborghini will arrange for it to be transported to almost any racetrack in the world, and the owner will be able to drive it there.

Lamborghini will also provide a professional race car driver to provide coaching in how to get the most speed and enjoyment from their V12-powered super-car.

The company will host a few special events throughout the year to let Essenza SCV12 owners get together and enjoy their cars as a group.

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Ramadhan Ali

Written by Ramadhan Ali

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