UK buys the COVID-19 vaccine in large scale, creates a crisis

UK buys the Covid 19 Vaccine UK buys the COVID-19 vaccine

UK buys the COVID-19 vaccine in huge numbers for its citizens saying they are satisfied with the results.

The United Kingdom government has signed deals for 90 Million doses of coronavirus vaccine from foreign companies.

30Million will come from BioNtech/Pfizer a German/US partnership and 60Million from Valneva a French firm. That will be manufactured in Scotland.

Valneva’s jab contain inactivated whole virus, a tried and tested method for producing vaccines.  Although slower off the mark than others, it might be important if others fail

The BioNtech/Pfizer vaccine was one of the first in trials and produced a good immune response. The Valneva jab should go into trials in the Autumn.

UK buys the COVID-19 vaccine

The UK considers buying 90 Million doses of two other vaccines – on top of the 100Million of the Oxford one – to keep options open in case trials show the prototypes aren’t good enough.

Also 1 Million dosing and neutralizing antibodies for people who can’t have vaccines because of cancer etc

The three agreements mean England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland would have enough doses to vaccinate priority groups, such as health and social care workers and those at increased risk of serious complications or death from the #coronavirus

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