Kanye West Presidential bid gets a big blow -1st Birthday Party

Kanye West Presidential bid get a big blow

Kanye West Presidential bid gets a big blow at his BIRTHDAY PARTY.

The South Carolina board of elections confirms to that @KanyeWest will not be on the ballot in South Carolina.

This comes a day after his first campaign event in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Kanye West needed 10,000 signatures in South Carolina by Monday.

He did not complete this requirement and will not be on the ballot in the state.

ABC News told by an official at the South Carolina Board of Elections that they have not received a petition from Kanye West’s presidential campaign for him to appear on the ballot as a third-party candidate. 

Chris Whitmire, a spokesman for the South Carolina Board of Elections says “the petition deadline has passed for the 2020 general election and the state election commission did not receive a petition from Kanye West. There are no exceptions to the deadline. “

“West’s only remaining path in South Carolina would be to receive the presidential nomination of one of the 10 certified political parties in the state.”

“He had previously announced that he would be running as a candidate under the self-created ‘Birthday Party.’”

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