Boris Johnson, British PM Tweaks a 2nd lockdown like a ‘nuclear deterrent’

Boris Johnson, British PM compares

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister compares a second lockdown to a ‘nuclear deterrent’ in the United Kingdom

As the Prime Minister marks one year in office, he likens shutdown to the nuclear deterrent, saying, ‘I certainly don’t want to use it.’

Boris Johnson asks his cabinet to return to the office and suggests he won’t impose another lockdown on the UK.

How can Boris predict what tomorrow brings by making a statement “won’t impose another lockdown” when he and his team didn’t do a great job predicting back in December January.

As there is little evidence that the first lockdown was justified, especially as infection rates were already dropping before imposed, he would be even more irresponsible to impose a second one.

Lifting lockdown restrictions has not led to a spike in infections, UK’s National Statistician.

All four UK nations are continuing to loosen their #coronavirus lockdown restrictions. However, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland differ from each other as they make their own decisions on what can be eased.

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