RIP Jeff Bezos hashtag #ripjeffbezos today is hoax, 3 reasons why

RIP Jeff Bezoz trolls

RIP Jeff Bezos hashtag is a total hoax.

‘ RIP Jeff Bezos ‘ with a hashtag #ripjeffbezos raised attention over the health of the Amazon CEO and founder. 

However, the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is alive and kicking. The trend that forged into the internet is a hoax. 

As Tweets trickle in saying RIP to people’s careers, some have interpreted this as the death of public figures.

It started with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, July 7th, a Tweet #RIPEllen started to trend. 

RIP Jeff Bezos hashtag mean

Then later, accompanied by the hashtag with joke captions and images of celebrities and characters who look similar to the TV show host.

But why is #RIPJeffBezos now trending on Twitter? What does the internet have to say about the Amazon billionaire?

It is all about Twitter trolls. 


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