Broke Couple transform used jeans to 2 best-selling brilliant products breakthrough

Jeans pctures broke couple transform

Broke Couple turned jeans into best-selling brilliant products, resulting in a financial breakthrough of a lifetime.

Life can be challenging if what you depend on is removed from your eyes. Things changed abruptly to the life of Mr and Mrs Dave at the hearts of Honolulu suburb Mililani when both lost their jobs during the naval virus pandemic. 

” So we were just home for a week with actual doing nothing tangible. We realised that our family had lots of jeans. Some we thought of donating them., ” Mrs Dave said.

The Broke Couple transformation included their daughter Cate. She came up with a plan of changing their home through those jeans. So for a week, this is what they were doing. 

Rebranding Shoes

The family converted the pieces of jeans to brand shoes. 

“We branded all our shoes in the house. It was fun. At least, we got something to engage. Branding shoes was fun. We did it for only two days, ” she says.

After branding the shoes, what else could they do as lockdown went for two months?

Rebranding Seats

There were old seats. The seat transmutation is amazing.  

” We joined the wide pieces of several jeans. Then we rolled on the seats. What a great deal?” 

“The remaining pieces are the ones we are wearing as bras. We have several pairs with my daughter, ” she says. 

Bras and Tops

The family head missed something to create but helped the rest. For three weeks, the family transformed their house to something else. 

” Now we have something to sell. We got an idea from that time. We have started Jean’s transformation business and selling them to people nearby.,” the father added.

“After losing our jobs, we can feed ourselves and hopeful, we will start a family company, ” he concluded.

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