Mauricio Pochettino speaks after 3-0 loss to Shieffield “Prepare for a painful ending Jose “

Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino tell Jose Mourinho to prepare for the worst and painful season. He added that Spurs need a painful rebuild to get back to winning ways.

Tottenham Spurs had the opportunity to move back above Arsenal and to within six points of the top four with victory over the Blades, following Chelsea’s defeat at West Ham last night.

Jose Mourinho’s side appeared to be one of the outsiders in the race for the top four, but Leicester’s faltering form has allowed Spurs to capitalize, particularly in the wake of Chelsea’s slip-up.

However, Sheffield United has blown off the Tottenham ambitions for the top four positions. Sheffield beats Spurs 3-1.

Mauricio Pochettino emphasized over last summer a painful rebuild was required in order to take Tottenham Hotspur forward.

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