Greedy? Trump buys all COVID-19 Remdesivir drug

Hilarious! Trump buys Coronavirusdrugs

Greedy? Hilarious battle for COVID-19 drug continues. The United States under President Donald Trump buys all Remdesivir COVID-19 drug and its subsequent three months of manufacturing.

The Trump administration says it has locked down nearly the entire supply of one of the only available anti-COVID-19 drugs from the manufacturer for the next several months.

Remdesivir is the first drug shown to help patients with COVID-19, though its impact is modest.

Hospitalized patients given the drug recovered four days faster than those given a placebo.

Preliminary results did not show that it saved lives, but the study is ongoing.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services stated Monday that it had secured half a million treatment courses of the antiviral drug from its manufacturer.

The U.S. pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, including 100% of the company’s production for July and 90% for August and September has been secured.

“President Trump has struck an amazing deal to ensure Americans have access to the first authorized therapeutic for COVID-19,” HHS Secretary Alex Azar said.

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