Discover adorable Karuru falls at the heart of Aberdares, 4 Loving photos

karuru falls

Discover adorable Karuru falls at the heart of Aberdares with best adventure facilities.

Discover the double direct adorable destiny. One of the magnificent places to visit in the world includes Karuru falls in Kenya.

Get the glamorous and dazzling moment for a lifetime at the Karuru falls. It is one of the tallest falls in Africa.

Discover the double adorable Karuru falls at aberdares ranges photos and images

Karuru Falls is located at the heart of Aberdares National Park. Its a place of many unique wonders of nature.

The waterfall is the highest and tallest in Kenya a breathtaking sight that falls over 273 metres below the viewing point.

The falls, in Nyandarua County, is enclosed by tall green indigenous trees, making it one of the most unique in the country.

Discover the double adorable karuru falls Photos

It is located in the interior moorlands, which in itself attracts a good number of visitors to the Aberdares as it is home to unique wildlife and vegetation, offering a double treat.

For instance, the Aberdare mountain range is home to 52 of Kenya’s 67 highland species of birds.

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