Instagram fraudsters from Nigeria who sinful conned 2 Million people arrested in Dubai

Instagram Fraudsters Hushpuppi and Mr Woodberry

Instagram fraudsters Hushpuppi and Mr Woodberry!! Dubai Police release a video about Nigerian Socialites, Hushpuppi and Mr Woodberry’s arrest for Fraud in a special operation tagged, “Fox Hunt 2”. They described them as international criminals.

Dubai Police seized Dh150 million in cash and more than a dozen luxury cars when they arrested an Instagram celebrity accused of online fraud and money laundering.

In a video shared by police, officers explained how they arrested Raymond Abbas, who is better known as Hushpuppi.

The Nigerian Instagram fraudster is accused of creating websites that look identical to those of well-known companies and banks.

People were sent emails and messages that prompted them to log in or make payments on the fake sites.

Mr Abbas, the major Instagram fraudsters is accused of being part of a gang that hacked corporate emails and directed huge payments to accounts they controlled.

Olalekan Jacob Ponle, known as Woodberry, was also arrested along with 10 other men in an operation that involved six police teams.

Hushpuppi, Instagram fraudsters steering and his cybercrime gang allegedly defrauded over 1.9 million victims of $435.6 million. There were 1,926,400 victims.

Hushpuppi and Mr Woodbery’s Instagram fame and display of luxury helped Dubai Police arrest them for Fraud. Their cybercrime squad was involved in $435.6 million (AED1.6 billion) scams.

The Instagram fraudsters pilot first went viral for spending N11.381 million ($28,350) in few hours at a night club in Lagos in March 2017.

He scammed almost 2, 000, 000 people across the world.

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Scandalous, Hushpuppi who conned 2,000,000 people ($435.6M) Scam, global arrested